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Board of Directors and Officers

In January 2023, the Summit formed a non-profit, charitable corporation to administer its operations and activities. We would like to introduce the Board of Directors and Officers for the Summit.

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Meryl Kirshner Ainsman

Meryl Kirshner Ainsman

Secretary, Eradicate Hate Global Summit; Executive Director and Trustee, Philip Chosky Foundation

Meryl Kirshner Ainsman is the business manager of the law firm of Ainsman Levine, LLC, and the Executive Director and Trustee of the Philip Chosky Foundation. As a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, she has dedicated much of her adult... Read More

Catherine Augustine

Dr. Catherine Augustine

Dr. Catherine Augustine is a senior policy researcher and the Director of the RAND Pittsburgh Office. Her research focuses on improving academic, social and emotional outcomes for students in urban school districts, specializing in out-of-school time. She both evaluates... Read More

Leslie Braksick

Dr. Leslie Braksick

Co-Founder and Senior Partner, My Next Season

Dr. Leslie Braksick spent the first 25 years of her career leading a consulting firm she co-founded in 1993, CLG, advising executives on matters of leadership, culture, and strategy execution. In 2014, Leslie began her next season by co-founding... Read More

Jared Cohon

Jared L. Cohon

University Professor and President Emeritus, Carnegie Mellon University

Jared L. Cohon is the President Emeritus at Carnegie Mellon University and a University Professor in the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy. During his presidency, Carnegie Mellon made progress in education and research,... Read More

Laura Ellsworth

Laura Ellsworth

Co-Board Chair, Eradicate Hate Global Summit; Partner-in-Charge of Global Community Service Initiatives, Jones Day

Laura Ellsworth is a partner at Jones Day, which has more than 2500 lawyers in 43 offices on 5 continents. Having served as the Partner-in-Charge of the Pittsburgh Office for over a decade, she then became Jones Day’s first... Read More

Jeff Finkelstein

Jeff Finkelstein

Jeff Finkelstein has served as President/CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh since 2004. He is President of JPRO, a graduate of Leadership Pittsburgh and the Wexner Heritage Program, a past Chair of the Large City Executives Group... Read More

Kenneth Gormley

Kenneth Gormley

President and Professor of Law, Duquesne University

Ken Gormley is the 13th president of Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, where he previously served as professor of law before being named dean of the Duquesne University School of Law. He joined the faculty in 1994 following a career... Read More

Timothy Lewis

Timothy Lewis

Treasurer, Eradicate Hate Global Summit; Senior Counsel, Blank Rome

Timothy K. Lewis, a former federal appeals court judge, serves as a mediator, arbitrator, settlement counselor, and trial and appellate practitioner. Before he entered private practice, Lewis served on the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania... Read More

Charles H. Moellenberg Jr.

Chief Administrative Officer, Eradicate Hate Global Summit

Chuck Moellenberg is the President of the Eradicate Hate Global Summit, the non-profit charitable organization formed to administer the Summit’s conference and other activities. He also serves as a non-voting director. In his role as President, Chuck is responsible... Read More


Mark Nordenberg

Co-Board Chair, Eradicate Hate Global Summit; Chancellor Emeritus and Chair of the Institute of Politics, University of Pittsburgh

In a University of Pittsburgh career spanning more than forty-five years, Mark Nordenberg has held a succession of key leadership positions, including Dean of the School of Law and Chancellor of the University. During his nearly two decades of... Read More

Michele Rosenthal

Michele Rosenthal

Board of Directors Member, Eradicate Hate Global Summit; Principal, Michele Rosenthal Consulting

Michele Rosenthal is the principal in Michele Rosenthal Consulting, a consulting firm representing local public figures, including Brett Keisel. Prior to launching her firm, Rosenthal spent ten years as the Community Relations Manager for the Pittsburgh Steelers and, before... Read More

David Shapira

David Shapira

During his thirty-plus years as chairman, chief executive officer and president, David Shapira positioned Giant Eagle, Inc. as an industry leader, and grew the company from a local chain of 50 grocery stores to an organization now employing 35,000... Read More

Herb Shear

Herb Shear

Board Member, The Pittsburgh Foundation; Chairman, Shear Family Office (SFO); Chairman, G2.0

Herb Shear joined the board of The Pittsburgh Foundation in 2021. He serves as chairman of the Shear Family Office (SFO) and G2.0. The SFO manages the Shear Family Foundation and the Shear Family Investments. G2.0 is a company... Read More

Brett Steele

Brette Steele

President, Eradicate Hate Global Summit; Chair, Prevention Practitioners Network

Brette Steele serves as President of the Eradicate Hate Global Summit and Chair of the Prevention Practitioners Network. In these roles, she drives the development and deployment of effective approaches to prevent hate-fueled violence. As President of Eradicate Hate, Steele... Read More

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It is a tragic reality that hateful ideology has found fertile ground online and offline, with consequences affecting not only Americans but people around the world. We cannot stand idle in the face of bias, bigotry, and extremism. Together, at the Eradicate Hate Summit and beyond, the collective will of individuals and organizations is needed to galvanize all people of good will to protect and defend our communities.

George Selim
George Selim Senior Vice President for National Affairs, Anti-Defamation League (ADL)