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Who are we?

The Prevention Practitioners Network (PPN) is a national network of over 1,200 interdisciplinary professionals dedicated to using public health approaches to prevent hate-fueled violence. The Network welcomes all prevention professionals, including those focused on raising awareness, bolstering youth resilience, training bystanders, and assessing and intervening with individuals who may be at risk of violence.

What do we do?

  • Conduct capacity-building workshops on topics such as building multidisciplinary teams, information sharing, and behavioral assessment and management
  • Publish free practice guides for interdisciplinary professionals
  • Host a National Directory of prevention resources and mental and behavioral health clinicians willing to accept referrals
  • Raise public awareness through national bystander campaigns
  • Facilitate case consultations for clinicians with complex cases
  • Share the latest research

Prevention in Practice Learning Community

In partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital, the PPLC will serve as a community of licensed mental and behavioral health providers who want to learn from one another through case studies, discussion, and consultation.

The PPLC aims to provide clinical practitioners with strategies for working with adolescents and adults at risk for violence due to grievances and/or beliefs. This may include individuals in the early stages of contemplating or justifying violence; individuals who are more seriously engaged with violent groups or ideologies; or individuals who have already been criminally charged for threatening or committing an act of violence. We welcome practitioners from a range of practice settings, and particularly encourage practitioners with experience in working with high-risk patients.

If you are a clinically licensed practitioner and would like to join the PPLC, please email Neil Saul at

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