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Sports Working Group Resources

The UN & Eradicate Hate Global Summit Sports Working Group includes a multitude of sport leagues from around the globe and its membership will continue to expand. Some of the key members of the Sports Working Group include:

Featured Resource

The UN & Eradicate Hate Global Summit Sports Working Group has developed the Plan of Action for Sports: The Game Plan, which will focus not just on identifying and reporting hate speech, but on positive reactions that everyday people and famous athletes have taken (or are committing to take) to counter it.

The Game Plan is outlined by the acronym SPORT:

    • Speak openly and honestly about hate speech with athletes, employees, the public, and those who are targeted by hate speech;
    • Promote positive messages, practices, polices, and procedures to foster genuine respect and counter hate speech;
    • Organize specific outreach to communities of fans (from back yards to stadiums) to educate them about hate speech and its consequences and to try to intervene before violence and messages of hate that may lead to incitement of violence can take root;
    • Recognize, reward, and report success stories and positive impacts that athletes and sports figures who join the Game Plan; and
    • Train at all levels to identify and address hate speech.

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