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Co Chairs

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Laura Ellsworth

Laura Ellsworth

Co-Board Chair, Eradicate Hate Global Summit; Partner-in-Charge of Global Community Service Initiatives, Jones Day

Laura Ellsworth is a partner at Jones Day, which has more than 2500 lawyers in 43 offices on 5 continents. Having served as the Partner-in-Charge of the Pittsburgh Office for over a decade, she then became Jones Day’s first... Read More


Mark Nordenberg

Co-Board Chair, Eradicate Hate Global Summit; Chancellor Emeritus and Chair of the Institute of Politics, University of Pittsburgh

In a University of Pittsburgh career spanning more than forty-five years, Mark Nordenberg has held a succession of key leadership positions, including Dean of the School of Law and Chancellor of the University. During his nearly two decades of... Read More

Michele Rosenthal

Michele Rosenthal

Board of Directors Member, Eradicate Hate Global Summit; Principal, Michele Rosenthal Consulting

Michele Rosenthal is the principal in Michele Rosenthal Consulting, a consulting firm representing local public figures, including Brett Keisel. Prior to launching her firm, Rosenthal spent ten years as the Community Relations Manager for the Pittsburgh Steelers and, before... Read More