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Sasha Havlicek

Sasha Havlicek

Co-Founder and CEO, Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD)

Eradicate Hate:
2022, 2023

Sasha is the Founding CEO of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a leading international ‘think and do tank’ with teams working in every global region to safeguard democracy and reverse the rising tide of hate, extremism and disinformation. Sasha has spearheaded ISD’s combination of advanced digital research and analysis, government policy advisory work, city and practitioner training, digital education, tech and communications programming. With a background in conflict resolution and an expertise in global extremist movements and digital policy, she advises a range of governments and has spearheaded major initiatives including the Strong Cities Network, Against Violent Extremism Network of former extremists, and the Business Council for Democracy. Sasha previously served as Senior Director at the EastWest Institute where she led conflict resolution programming. Sasha has testified before US Congress and the UK Parliament and is a regular commentator in the media (CNN, BBC, Channel 4 News and other networks).

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The Summit offers a unique opportunity to confront the corrosive influence of bigotry and hatred in our society. In order for us to address these challenges, we first must acknowledge their painful and destructive impact in our communities and in our country. I am grateful to serve as a Global Advisor to this timely and powerful initiative.

Tom Ridge
Tom Ridge Chairman, Ridge Global