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Highlights from the 2023 Eradicate Hate Global Summit: Media | Video

Maggie Feinstein

Maggie Feinstein

Director, 10.27 Healing Partnership

Eradicate Hate:
2021, 2022, 2023

Maggie Feinstein is a master’s level therapist who has distinguished herself in the field of integrated mental health, or working within the medical community to provide brief interventions within the context of medical visits since 2009. She primarily worked in communities with high levels of trauma and poor access to mental health support. She learned a lot about trauma and resilience in this work and applies some of those principals to the work of recovery in Pittsburgh since the shooting on 10/27/18. She was raised in the Squirrel Hill community, did her undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in International Relations and then graduate school at the University of San Francisco in Counseling Psychology.  Feinstein has presented at professional conferences on topics of juvenile justice reform and collaborative health care.

She is the director of a Pittsburgh-based organization that fosters a sense of community well-being by providing opportunities for reflection, support, and connection for individuals and their loved ones impacted by the October 2018 attack and others who experience hate-induced trauma. She is humbled daily by the experience of sharing in the vulnerable parts of people’s lives with them.


The catalytic power of this Summit in bringing together those who are devoting their lives to pushing back and working to confront, understand and work towards solutions around hate in our society is a noble and difficult task. The Summit not only energized those who attended but led to connecting the dots in a global network of those doing this work. The stories of the victims of hate were painful to witness but their courage in coming forward was inspirational. Those who attended left energized with the hope that by working together solutions can be forged.

Robert Rosenthal Board Member, Executive Producer, Acting CEO, The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR)