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Debra Caplan

Debra L. Caplan

Executive-in-Residence, The Forbes Funds

Eradicate Hate:
2022, 2023

Debra L. Caplan is an Executive-in-Residence at The Forbes Funds, where she provides coaching and technical assistance for nonprofits in the areas of governance and management. She also serves as an independent consultant to nonprofit organizations.

In addition to her longstanding career as a leader in healthcare, and more recently in workforce development, Debbie has been active in civic and community affairs, and serves on the boards of a number of organizations, including Partner4Work and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. She currently serves as Board Chair of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, and previously at WQED. She also serves on several Advisory Councils including the Holocaust Center Advisory Board. Debbie holds a Masters in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School.

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My network of professionals working on countering hate in all its forms grew exponentially after attending Eradicate Hate in 2021. The myriad voices represented at Eradicate Hate, from big tech companies to academic researchers to those with lived experience, reinforced to me the importance of cross-cutting and collaborative approaches to counter hate and its devastating impacts on society. I’ve been fortunate to sustain and build those networks with many of those I met at Eradicate Hate in 2021.

Rajeev Ramchand
Rajeev Ramchand Senior Behavioral Scientist, RAND Corporation