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Highlights from the 2023 Eradicate Hate Global Summit: Media | Video

Sim Gill

District Attorney, Salt Lake County

Eradicate Hate:

Sim Gill was first elected as the Salt Lake County District Attorney in November 2010. DA Gill is a progressive champion on issues of therapeutic justice and alternatives to prosecution. Sim believes in taking a systems approach to the issues of criminal and social justice, focusing on collaborative and community-oriented approaches.

Sim has collaborated on the implementation of various therapeutic justice programs including: pre-filing diversions, mental health court, veterans court, domestic violence court, drug court, the Salt Lake Area Family Justice Center, and Camp Hope/Pathways Program. These approaches seek to rehabilitate offenders, support survivors, and assure public safety through a criminal justice system focused on justice, fairness, and proportionate accountability.


The Summit offers a unique opportunity to confront the corrosive influence of bigotry and hatred in our society. In order for us to address these challenges, we first must acknowledge their painful and destructive impact in our communities and in our country. I am grateful to serve as a Global Advisor to this timely and powerful initiative.

Tom Ridge
Tom Ridge Chairman, Ridge Global