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Noah Schoen

Co-Founder, Meanings of October 27th

Eradicate Hate:

Noah Schoen is a community organizer, oral historian and co-founder of Meanings of October 27th, an oral history project that has interviewed over 100 Jewish and non-Jewish Pittsburghers about their life histories and reflections on the October 27th, 2018 synagogue shooting. He is the Community Outreach Associate for the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh, where he works to build the HCP’s community connections and sharpen its approach to dismantling antisemitism and the injustices of today. Noah is a graduate of Columbia University and the JOIN for Justice Jewish Organizing Fellowship. He has been organizing in Jewish communities and in the labor movement for over 10 years.

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The effort to eradicate hate requires the active participation of every component of our society, to include governments, the private sector, communities of faith and indeed every aspect of civil society. There is no more urgent task in front of us. The organizers of the Eradicate Hate Global Summit are doing the United States and the world an enormous service by tackling hatred and extremism with a focus on honest dialogue and conversation, genuine learning and practical solutions. This will not happen overnight, but the Pittsburgh community’s leadership in this effort is genuinely inspiring and motivating.

Nick Rasmussen
Nicholas Rasmussen Counterterrorism Coordinator, Department of Homeland Security