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Jeffrey S. Binkley

Founder, Maura's Voice

Eradicate Hate:

Jeff and Margaret Binkley founded Maura’s Voice in the wake of the November 2018 shooting at a Tallahassee, Florida Hot Yoga studio that took the life of their daughter Maura, then a 21-year-old senior at Florida State University. This shooting was a crime of hate committed by a misogynist member of the incel subculture with a long history of abusive and criminal behavior toward women. FSU Medical School Professor Dr. Nancy Van Vessem was also lost, and four other women were wounded in the attack. The victims were targeted for no other reason than being women.

In the aftermath of this tragedy Jeff and Margaret are working to honor Maura’s legacy through addressing hatred and violence in our society based on the premise that: Research + Education + Engagement = Change. To put the premise into practice, Maura’s Voice supports: academic and legal research focused on hate crimes and prevention of violence against women and girls through the Maura’s Voice Fund for Research (MVFR) at Florida State University; initiatives to educate the public, policy makers and media on effective policy alternatives; and programs to promote civic engagement by the young women of Maura’s generation.

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The Eradicate Hate Global Summit brings together scholars, practitioners, civil society organizations, and policymakers from around the world to share best practices and lessons learned, based on data and empirical evidence, in countering hate-fueled extremism and violent narratives. No other summit, conference, or workshop brings together such an extraordinary group of world-class talent focused on dealing with the issue of hate-fueled violent extremism.

Colin Clarke
Colin Clarke Policy & Research Director, The Soufan Group