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Highlights from the 2023 Eradicate Hate Global Summit: Media | Video

H.E Ahmed Obaid AlMansoori

Founder, Crossroads of Civilizations Museum; Founder, First Holocaust Memorial Gallery in the Arabic & Islamic World; Board Member & Head of Museums Committee, International Council of Museums UAE (ICOM); ; Former Member, UAE Federal National Council

Eradicate Hate:

H.E. Ahmed Obaid AlMansoori is a thought leader who is dedicated to promoting peace, coexistence and tolerance throughout the Middle East and the world.

A former politician who served as member of the UAE Federal National Council, today, Ahmed focuses his attention on the award-winning Crossroads of Civilizations Museum (CCM) in Dubai, which he made public in 2012 and cultivated into one of the world’s leading hubs for coexistence and culture, as well as for Jewish history and Holocaust education in the MENA region. CCM contains the Islamic world’s first and only Holocaust Memorial Gallery, which was established by AlMansoori shortly after the signing of the Abraham Accords peace treaties. Since its establishment on Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) in April, 2021, the CCM Holocaust Gallery has received international praise and recognition – with global leaders, diplomats, scholars and politicians making their way to visit the museum and gallery while commenting on its contributions and achievements on the global stage.

AlMansoori is dedicated to his next mission: expanding and building on the success of his museum and the Holocaust Gallery to establish the first official Holocaust education program in the Islamic world and MENA region. He aims to take the platform of the Abraham Accords, gifted to the region and the world by visionary leaders, and facilitate real people-to-people dialog and initiatives that promote change and create solidarity.

In addition to his role as founder and president of CCM, H.E. AlMansoori is also facilitating leaders, government bodies and private companies as a special advisor in various fields, including in the areas of education, geopolitics, international relations and more. AlMansoori has a proven track record as a leading advisor and consultant with years of experience and success in this field.


The Summit offers a unique opportunity to confront the corrosive influence of bigotry and hatred in our society. In order for us to address these challenges, we first must acknowledge their painful and destructive impact in our communities and in our country. I am grateful to serve as a Global Advisor to this timely and powerful initiative.

Tom Ridge
Tom Ridge Chairman, Ridge Global