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Highlights from the 2023 Eradicate Hate Global Summit: Media | Video

Elizabeth Neumann

Elizabeth Neumann

Chief Strategy Officer, Moonshot

Eradicate Hate:
2021, 2023

Elizabeth Neumann is Chief Strategy Officer for Moonshot – a social impact
organization, whose work is rooted in the fundamental belief that people can change.

Ms. Neumann oversees Moonshot’s US programs, which support Federal, State, and local governments and community partners to understand and prevent violence. Moonshot’s violence intervention model reaches concerned bystanders and people considering violence online and offers lifesaving services – such as connecting them to established local support services and intervention partners including trained counselors, mentors, and community leaders. The model is operating in several US states and five Canadian provinces.

Ms. Neumann previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and as Assistant Secretary for Counterterrorism and Threat Prevention where she led teams addressing a range of issues including domestic violent extremism, screening and vetting, countering terrorism and transnational criminal organizations, countering hostile UAS (drones), and human trafficking. Ms. Neumann began her homeland security work in the aftermath of 9/11, serving on the inaugural staff of the White House Homeland Security Council.

She is a Board Member of the National Immigration Forum, founder of the Council on National Security and Immigration, and a National Security Contributor at ABC News.


This cannot be thought of as a conference or a summit. The stakes are simply too high and the data/conversation and methods to drive action more valuable/motivating than any gathering I have attended. I took more than 100 pages of notes and have shared them with my CBS News leadership team, anchors, producers, and correspondents. Nothing about this gathering was easy. The agony around this topic is real. But no one curious about it could ask for a more devoted, rational, or unflinching look into this dark but decipherable world.

Major Elliot Garrett Chief Washington Correspondent, CBS News