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Edward L. Abraham

Unit Chief, UCR, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Eradicate Hate:

Unit Chief Edward L. Abraham leads the FBI’s UCR Program, with responsibility for statistics and national crime data collection. Unit Chief Abraham joined the UCR program in May 2022, and has been working diligently to automate manual processes, support completeness of data, and implement technical advances. In his role he also oversees the organizations ongoing modernization of crime data analysis and timely reporting.

In March 2023, the FBI successfully released the Supplemental Hate Crime Statistics, 2021. Under the leadership of Unit Chief Abraham, the UCR Program’s outreach led to a meaningful and complete dataset to reflect a national picture of hate crime.

Ed began his career as a Communication Officer in the United States Marine Corps and once served as the Chief Technology Officer for the Biometric Identity Management Agency. Since joining the FBI in 2006, Abraham has served in numerous IT and Leadership roles where he was instrumental to the development of Biometric systems and Interoperability with partnered agencies.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Management of IT and a master’s degree in Security Management. As a recognized technology leader his passion is building relationships and developing others, while remaining committed to simplification and improvement of processes through automation.

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