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Dave Fortier

Dave Fortier

President, Executive Director, One World Strong

Eradicate Hate:
2022, 2023

Dave Fortier serves as president and executive director for One World Strong Foundation, a non-profit organization centered on prevention of targeted violence, peer-to-peer network development for survivors, families that have lost loved ones, refugees, and first responders to terrorist, extremist, and mass casualty attacks globally. Working closely with the U.S. Department of State‚ Bureau of Counterterrorism, Educational & Cultural Affairs, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation Victims Assistance Teams, as well as several foreign government and city leaders, Dave designs innovative inter-agency prevention and response strategies to communities at risk of targeted violence.

During his career in wireless telecommunication, Mr. Fortier led teams in business process design and network optimization, change & risk management, organizational design, and workforce planning. He has managed numerous successful programs across a wide variety of industries and has extensive hands-on management/senior and executive management experience globally.

Dave’s current role focuses on conflict mitigation, and response leadership to counterterrorism and targeted violence prevention programs while promoting innovative recovery approaches to local, national, and international mass casualty events. In addition, Mr. Fortier brings expertise across the national and international security paradigm in developing counternarrative strategies, radicalization awareness, designing peer-to-peer programs, facilitating trauma response, and innovative resilience center implementation efforts designed for long-term sustainment programs within the prevention space for cities and states.

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It is a tragic reality that hateful ideology has found fertile ground online and offline, with consequences affecting not only Americans but people around the world. We cannot stand idle in the face of bias, bigotry, and extremism. Together, at the Eradicate Hate Summit and beyond, the collective will of individuals and organizations is needed to galvanize all people of good will to protect and defend our communities.

George Selim
George Selim Senior Vice President for National Affairs, Anti-Defamation League (ADL)