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Highlights from the 2023 Eradicate Hate Global Summit: Media | Video

Courtney Cano

Courtney Cano

COO & Co-Founder, Diverting Hate

Eradicate Hate:

Courtney Cano is a policy advocate focused on the intersection between online radicalization, content regulation, social media policies, and the manosphere. Courtney holds a B.A. in Political Science, Religion, and Philosophy from Middlebury College and a Master of Arts in International Policy with a focus on countering violent extremism from Middlebury Institute of International Studies.

Courtney garners over 10 years of experience as policy researcher, including quantitative and qualitative research, and developing community partnerships with relevant government stakeholders. Additionally, she has spent the last several years advocating for effective policy changes for some of the most pressing social issues at a top policy consulting firm, where she has navigated complex legislative landscapes and built strategic relationships to drive impactful outcomes. As the co-founder and co-lead of Diverting Hate, Courtney has worked to successfully implement an FY 2023 grant award from the Department of Homeland Security’s Terrorism Violence and Terrorism Prevention grant program, as well as brief subject matter experts across agencies and various interest groups. Offering a unique and personal perspective to the issue, Courtney is committed to diverting at-risk men away from violent misogyny in a compassionate and empathetic way.


The Summit unites the public and private sectors, domestic and international, against hate and extremism. Researchers, activists, lawyers, technology experts, political leaders, and more come together, each bringing their unique tools to the fight. Important relationships that were established at the Summit in 2021 have carried forward into working groups with concrete deliverables for 2022 and beyond.

Mary McCord Visiting Professor of Law and Executive Director, Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection (ICAP), Georgetown University Law Center