Jeanette Manning

Jeanette Manning

Author and Advocate

An avid writer since 2015, Jeanette’s first book, a memoir co-written with daughter Lauren entitled Walking Away from Hate: Our Journey Through Extremism was published in April of this year. A chronicle of their parallel experiences during Lauren’s descent into—and out of—hate, it’s not only a study of family dynamics but the “kid manual” Manning wishes she’d had all those years ago.  

Since the fall of 2020, Jeanette has volunteered with Life After Hate’s Family Forum, offering hard-won lessons and hope to parents who have lost children to hate. She lives in Whitby, Ontario with her two adult children, delivers Meals on Wheels, is foster-mom to a future service dog named Lukey—who has completely taken over the household—and in her spare time, is working on four semi-biographical World War 2 novels. A past member of Toastmasters, she has worked as a Highway Designer and Topographic Survey Manager and once held a Private Pilot’s License. 

Educating parents on extremism wasn’t her chosen career path but in telling her story, Manning hopes to change the radicalization of youth, one family at a time.