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2023 Summit Registration

This year’s Summit will feature speakers and panel discussions at plenary sessions every day, as well as breakout sessions for the Summit’s working groups to meet and discuss their ongoing projects. To help you determine your registration options, we are providing the program agenda, the daily schedule, and the list of working groups.*

You have the option of registering for one day ($70), two days ($140), or three days ($150) in-person. Virtual attendance is available free of charge for plenary sessions only.

Daily Overview of Topics and Events

Wednesday, September 27 – We will focus on the state of hate and learn from the voices of survivors and families of victims of hate-motivated violence.

Thursday, September 28 – We will explore how hate groups communicate their messages and effective ways to communicate positive messages to persons who have joined or are being recruited to join extremist groups.

Friday, September 29 – We will present intervention programs from various sectors.

On Wednesday and Thursday evenings – We will present notable films that examine hate-fueled violence from the perspective of extremist groups, the communities traumatized by those groups, and those who chose to leave those groups.

* All are subject to change.


It is a tragic reality that hateful ideology has found fertile ground online and offline, with consequences affecting not only Americans but people around the world. We cannot stand idle in the face of bias, bigotry, and extremism. Together, at the Eradicate Hate Summit and beyond, the collective will of individuals and organizations is needed to galvanize all people of good will to protect and defend our communities.

George Selim
George Selim Senior Vice President for National Affairs, Anti-Defamation League (ADL)